Firework and storm season is upon us, and both of these events can be scary for our pets.  Summer is full of fun activities for our dogs- hiking, swimming, running, playing.  Unfortunately, summer also comes with the frightening ideas of thunderstorms and fi

reworks.  I don’t know about you, but at the first rumblings of a storm, my dog goes running, shaking, and hiding.  And forget about all of the neighborhood kids setting off fireworks

– she loses her mind.  This time of year turns into a nightmare season for my dog and myself.  

We want to be able to help you and your pet through this season.  Here are a few tips to help with storm phobias and firework phobias:

-Leave the lights on in your

house to help distract from the bright flashes.

-Have a TV or radio playing to drown out the loud noises.


Some dogs respond well to these simple fixes, but other dogs need additional help.  You can also try pheromone sprays, collars, and plug-ins for your pet.  The pheromones are a natural way to help calm anxiety.  Dogs that are mildly affected by anxiety can respond well to having these items around.  The ones we like are the Adaptil brand, which can be found at many online retailers.

Anxiety In Animals Treated At Altitude Animal Hospital

Many dogs, like my own, need the good stuff to really settle them down.  We can provide your dog with anti-anxiety medications and supplements to help keep them calm during scary times.  These medications can be used intermittently for anticipated events, or can be used for several days/weeks in a row to help with the unanticipated.  Please contact us today to see how we can help keep your pet anxiety free during the summer.