Heartworm disease is transmitted via mosquitoes.  Heartworm disease can develop in your dog from the bite of just one infected mosquito.  Lets keep your dog protected from this deadly disease.  Even indoor dogs are at risk- do you ever have mosquitoes come inside your house?

Heartworms use mosquitoes as their intermediate host for development and to become infectious.  The mosquito has a meal from aninfected dog and then potentially transmits the heartworms to the next dog it feeds from.  Immature forms of heartworms migrate through your dog until they reach vessels in the heart/lungs.  At that stage, they develop into adult worms that can cause serious disease in your dog.

Clinical signs of heartworm disease range from asymptomatic to sudden death.  Many dogs do not show any signs of this disease and it is discovered on routine screening tests.  Other dogs may potentially have a cough ranging from mild to severe and exercise intolerance.  While it is true that we do not see as many cases of heartworm disease in Colorado as other areas of the country, we are definitely seeing a significant increase in prevalence of this disease in our area.

The American Heartworm Society recommends all dogs be on year round prevention to help protect your dog against this deadly disease.  Prevention can be in the form of a monthly pill that also protects your dog against some of the other intestinal parasites that they can pick up in every day life.  Or we offer an injection that will protect your dog against heartworm disease for 12 months.

All dogs need to be tested yearly to assure that they have not become infected with heartworms.  This is a simple blood test that we can do in our office and you can leave shortly with a 12 month prevention plan for your dog.  Our veterinarians will help you decide if the pills or injection are the best option for your dog. 

Heartworm Disease Treated At Animal Hospital

Call us today at Altitude Animal Hospital, your veterinarian in Highlands Ranch, to schedule your dog’s heartworm test and to get him started on heartworm prevention. 303-619-5191. During the month of April, we are offering $15 off when you purchase 6 months of protection with your heartworm test.  We are offering $20 off with a heartworm test and purchase of 12 months of prevention (pills or injection).

se visit the American Heartworm Society page to learn more about this deadly disease.  AmericanHeartwormSociety.org.